(This episode starts exectly after "The New Masters of Spinjitzu"). Flame(the fire dragon) takes Kai and Nya back to the Fire Temple to show them a secret entrance that leads to the Underworld where Wyplash and Krazi (who's name is misspelled "Krazy" in the credits) along with four other skeletons are standing. Krazi notices Kai and then tells Wyplash "We've got company". Wyplash then tells the other four skeletons to attack Kai while Krazi stays by Wyplash's side. Kai uses the Sword of Fire to knock out the skeletons axes, but the skeletons pick up Kai. Kai can not escape the grasp of the skeletons, not even using spinjitzu. Flame uses his fire breath to atack the skeletons. The skeletons then escape through the entrance which later becomes blocked by boulders. When Kruncha and Nuckal returned ftom The Monastery ("The New Masters of Spinjitzu")Kruncha blames Nuckal for "leaving the stove on" thinking that was the reason for the boulders andthey had to look for a job on Ninjago. thumb|300px|right