Kai activates the training course and the obstacles disarm the attackers.

Moments later, Sensei Wu stops the fight, revealing that the three are his other students. Wu then uses spinjitzu to transform them into different coloured outfits. The four are introduced to each other: Cole, the black ninja of earth, who is solid as rock; Jay, the blue ninja of lightning; Zane, the white ninja of ice and seer with a sixth sense; and Kai, the red ninja of fire. After they introduce themselves Wu announces the search for the golden weapons has begun.

The first destination is the Caves of Despair, where Kai races off in hopes of finding Nya. Krazi sees him and nearly raises alarm, but the remaining three Ninjas disarm him quietly and reunite with Kai, also snatching the map from Samukai. When the four capture the weapon, they are attacked by Samukai and a whole legion of Skeletons. Jay (Ninjago) notices the enemies were similar to the training course, and after traveling through the motions Wu taught him, he manages to summon a tornado of energy corresponding with his element, finally preforming Spinjitzu. The others follow, remembering the motions from the training course. Samukai and his army retreat, as they are unable to deal with all four Ninjas. Just as they are about to escape, the Earth Dragon, guardian of the Scythe, appears behind them and attacks, believing them to be stealing it. In desperation, Kai uses the scythe, despite Wu's instruction not to use the weapon's power, as no mortal is powerful enough to wield it. A rift appears in the cave ceiling, partly crushing the dragon, and the ninjas escape with Spinjitzu. Though triumphant, Sensei is angry at Kai for using the weapon. The episode ends with Samukai addressing his dark master, who has not yet been shown, telling him he has failed. With a laugh, however, the shadow speaks that everything is going according to plan.thumb|300px|right